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Kelly-Hill recently completed third new loop track at the American Silica facility in Black Rock, Arkansas. 8,600 feet of track, including six No. 11 turnouts were installed.

Last year we constructed 13,854 track foot for a double loop track and two crossovers with two BNSF main line turnouts at this facility. There was a total of eleven turnouts. We enjoy the opportunity to work with American Silica on these projects!


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We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Silver Level Safety Contractor of the Year 2017 Award by the National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association.


Kelly-Hill Company operates with the highest possible safety standards and practices by implementing Toolbox Topics in weekly meetings and having safety training requirements for all employees. We’re excited to start 2018 with a strong safety record, with over 400 days without an OSHA recordable and nearly 700 days without a lost-time injury.



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Kelly-Hill Company recently performed inspection and maintenance services for Golden Triangle Energy after a partial derail incident. Charlie Martin of Golden Triangle Energy was kind enough to provide client testimonial of our services.


“After a recent snow/ice storm at GTE we had a loaded car partially derail during a tank car move across a switch. We hired Cranemaster to lift the car back into position.

As a precaution, we notified Neal Houser, Paul Matney and Bill Broekemeier, at Kelly-Hill Company of the derailment and concern over the cause.

Neal Houser arrived very shortly thereafter, (before the crane).

With his experience he identified the problem causing the derail and explained the problem to our crew, stressing the need to clean the snow/ice from the switching/moveable rail components.

He saw that no damage was done and recommended we let some of his crew adjust the switches and rails the next day (Saturday) and we agreed.

The two man crew showed up Saturday and adjusted all of our switches and reported them ready to go after the work was completed.

GTE was very happy with the prompt and knowledgeable response to our derailment incident.

Kelly-Hill Company folks solved a big problem for us and potentially helped us save time/money in the future.”

– Charlie Martin, Golden Triangle Energy


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Kelly-Hill Company hosted safety training with KCP&L and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) on Thursday, December 28. Safety is always at top of mind for our employees in everything we do. This is why we start each day with a safety briefing, participate in industry safety training, and host special safety trainings like this one. You always need to think safety when working on or near railroad tracks.


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Since 1955, Kelly-Hill Company has been committed to the best safety practices and standards. Annually, Kelly-Hill dedicates a minimum of two days of safety training for all workers as part of our company-generated training program. In 2017, we welcomed training instructors from the Federal Railroad Administration, Kansas City Power and Light, and the Midwest Builders Casualty Group.


We are proud to review our 2017 safety record as we prepare to enter 2018.

  • 2017 OSHA Recordable Incidents: 0
  • Company Vehicle Accident Score: 0.67
  • Company Safety Briefings: 650-900 January 1st-September 30th


Additionally, Kelly-Hill uses NRC Toolbox Topics, which are discussed weekly during operations meetings. Topics range from Physical Environment and Tools & Equipment to Electrical Safety, and help to maintain strict safety standards in our daily operations.

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The Kelly-Hill Company family would like to thank all of our Nation’s veterans this Veterans Day. We are proud to employ service members Larry Case and Roy Schademann and are grateful for their service.

From 1918 to 1954, Veterans Day was celebrated as Armistice Day, marking the end of World War I. In 1954 a representative from Emporia, Kansas brought forward a bill to formally recognize Veterans Day, and under the Eisenhower administration Veterans Day became formally named and recognized as a legal holiday.

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Back in January, Kelly-Hill Company completed construction of a 13,854 track foot loop track for the American Silica production facility in Black Rock, Arkansas. We have started construction on the facility’s second loop track. We will be constructing approximately 8,600 track feet with six No. 11 turnouts, relocating one existing turnout and 400 track feet of bad order track. Construction is scheduled for completion by December 2017.







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Kelly-Hill Company attended an open house for the rail shuttle facility at Midwest Farmers Coop’s facility in Syracuse, NE last week. The facility is highly automated (one of only two in Nebraska) and is able to load rail cars at 60,000 to 80,000 bushels of corn per hour. Kelly-Hill Company constructed the 11,550 feet of track back in 2016. Fun facts: the average train length is more than 100 cars and an individual car can be loaded in under four minutes.